New release: RapidRep 5.7.4

RapidRep® version 5.7.4 has been released - the software solution for test automation of the back-end and flexible reporting has been expanded with new features and is now available for download.

A selection of the most essential new features:

  • Code Signing

    In RapidRep® 5.7.4 the RapidRep® code has been signed for the first time. Through signing with a FINARIS certificate, RapidRep® can be included in the list of known and safe sources of virus scanners and thus prevent false alerts.

  • Simplification and expansion of the LDAP authentication
    The dialog for LDAP and JDBC authentications has been unified. The configuration of the connection to a directory service via LDAP has been redesigned and considerably simplified by this. In the dialog there is now additional help information provided for each configuration attribute as well informative error messages in case of failed connection tests. Besides Active Directory (directory service of the Microsoft Windows Server) there are now also other directory services configurable for group memberships.

    The synchronisation of RapidRep® with the directory service (LDAP) or a JDBC source will now in general be executed automatically at configurable time intervals but it can also be deactivated and triggered manually.

  • Performance optimization of data transfers and increase of the commit size

    The data transfer to a remote table of a data warehouse (via INSERT INTO $CurrentReport.getScriptByName('TargetScript') SELECT * FROM $CurrentReport.getScriptByName('SourceScript')) has been accelerated significantly. Depending on the data quality, an increase in performance up to the factor 20 can be expected. What is more, the previous upper limit of the commit size for data transfers has been increased from 1000 to 99.999.

  • Expansion of automated report naming

    Naming reports based on the "Template for output file names" in the template configuration has been functionally expanded. Up to now only variables could be considered that were referenced by scripts of the started task. From RapidRep® 5.7.4 on, variables can be referenced that are not already being used in scripts. Names of created reports can thus be directly set in the Report Runner or the Reporting CLI.

  • Maximum character length for CSV delimiters increased

    In earlier versions the delimiter in CSV files could only be 1 character. Since version 5.7.4 combined delimiters with a maximum of five characters are also possible.

  • Rule_Library performance improvement
    Adjustments have been made in the Rule_Library so that no significant deviations in performance
    occur any more.

  • API expanded with additional functionality

    Numerous additional functions have been added to the RapidRep® API. In particular the expansion includes methods for date arithmetics, for handling SQL errors without JavaScript, for the simplified handling of maps and lists as well as for the creation of iterators for different data types.
    You will find an overview of the added functions in the RapidRep® Forum: API Methods 5.7.4.

  • Further modifications

    There are a number of additional functional adjustments in RapidRep® 5.7.4 that increase RapidRep's usability and performance.

Best if you try it yourself! Test the new highlights via the free test version available on our website: Free Trial

We look forward to your feedback and to receive wishes and suggestions for further features!

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