Test data generation with RapidRep®

Generate your test data for the Back-End with RapidRep – uncomplicated, lasting, and highly flexible.

A central step in the testing process is to test with a high amount of records. Not the least for reasons of data protection, however, should your test data not be your production data. This is highly relevant especially with regards to the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into force in May 2018, as well as the supplementary, national “new Federal Data Protection Act” (“neue Bundesdatenschutzgesetz“; in Germany).1 Random, fictitious data is required. But data generated with online generators or low-compliance software is more often than not insufficient to fully cover your own use cases. Generating the necessary test data is therefore often a time-consuming and costly process, possibly complicated by complex data relations.

Here we offer you an easy solution with RapidRep. Thanks to RapidRep sets of rules, you create with RapidRep realistic, random data for the back-end that comply with your requirements as well as with the new data protection regulations, are flexibly adaptable and can thus cover a high number of use cases. You are not limited to a small amount of records or a single target system, nor to a single output format.


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The free trial version of the RapidRep Software Suites are available here: Free Trial

The complete article on test data generation can be found on the RapidRep Topics & News page: Test data generation with RapidRep


1: See for example https://www.datenschutz-wiki.de/BDSG_2018 (in German)

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