Quality: Reporting / Data QA / Test automation

Error-prone programs or insufficient data quality can lead to high costs and the loss of reputation. For this reason, the testing of software and the quality assurance of business data should already be taken into consideration adequately during the planning.

Test automation

The test spectrum is widespread and ranges from the verification of data, via the testing of user interfaces and functions to the testing of the performance and security. In the past, FINARIS tested many mission-critical applications, mainly in the financial sector. Therefore, we do not only know how to test, we do also understand the professional financial background of the test object.

Rely on our team of ISTQB certified testers. We will assist you in setting up an appropriate test process that will transparently weigh up costs and risks. Furthermore, we will support you in performing the individual test activities as well as the test management.

Data QA

Ensuring the quality of your data is a subject that we have always in mind. Our rule-based approach is transparent and audit-proof. If required, we offer a complete process implementation (incl. test automation), the processes and results of which are replicable, verifiable and easily communicable in all areas. FINARIS has also implemented an effective solution for data quality assurance in its own software RapidRep®; this method is tried and tested and has been awarded as an innovative solution for quality assurance.


We do not let you down at reporting either. With RapidRep® we can for example refer to successes and long-term projects within the context of special regulatory requirements like the EBA stress test and EBA funding plan (More information).

Software solutions

We have considerable knowledge of the test tools available on the market. Moreover, with RapidRep Test Suite we brought our own product on the market, an application that emerged from practical experience and that enables you to test software and business data flexibly and in an automated manner. With the RapidRep Reporting Suite* on the other hand you can implement your reporting in an adaptable and reliable way.

* RapidRep Test Suite and RapidRep Reporting Suite are components of the RapidRep Software family and available separately as well as combined.

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